About my art work:

As long as I can remember my life as an artist, I was one that liked to observe and analyze my surrounding world with a certain sensibility and then interpret it through my paintings and ceramic work.In the beginning I was just reproducing what I was seeing and later my work got an impressionistic tint with a pronounced blue accent while always trying to find my own original style.This self search lasted for years until I was able to identify myself with my art.
I studied ceramics, color on volume, stylistic decorative art, symbolistic study and the expression of shapes.My education in European studies -in particular the Cluj Napoca school-
along with my personal studies left a lasting trace on my art work.My portfolio is a synthesis
and a weaving of decorative painting on easel and ceramic work.Most of my paintings reveal an affinity towards decorative, patina and corrosion done on engraved-painted frames that often look burned here and there.The color blue prevails in my chromatics along with some browns and organic colors.In my visual language light is essential, mostly present to express hope and serenity.

About Felix Albus:

He was born on december 4th 1973 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.He graduated the prestigious "Ion Andreescu" Visual Fine Arts Academy(1992-1998) with majors in ceramics, decorative art and design.In 1999 he moved to United States in Portland, Oregon where he continued to work as an artist.He was invited to hold exhibitions at local art galleries and prestigious Portland restaurants.He also sold paintings to different art collectors in Romania and USA. Presently he works as an artist, interior designer and painter.


2019: paintings "Interference" Urania Palace, Cluj, Romania
2018:paintings "Luminescence" Platinia Art House Gallery, Cluj, Romania
2017:paintings "Landscapes of the mind" Urania Palace, Cluj, Romania
2016: paintings " From blue to Infinity" Urania Palace, Cluj, Romania
2015:paintings "The game of life forms" and Harris Walmen, Urania Palace, Cluj, Romania
2014:painting and painted furniture "Fashion Art Gallery" Cluj, Romania
2013:paintings and painted furniture "Ferdinand Gallery" Cluj, Romania
2013:paintings and painted furniture "Vintage Store" Cluj, Romania
2010:paintings "Art Gallery" Cluj, Romania
2005:paintings "Forever Art Gallery" Portland, OR, USA
2005:paintings Art Gallery, Portland,OR, USA
2004:paintings "P:EAR Gallery"Portland,OR, USA
2002:paintings "Bridge Port" Restaurant, Portland, OR, USA
1996:paintings Negresti Oas,Romania
1992:ceramics Art Gallery, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
1990:ceramics Art Gallery,Cluj-Napoca, Romania
1989:sculpture-collective show National Festival-1st place Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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